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Solar Water Heater

Our company offers highly efficient and reliable BOSCH Water Heater that can be used in residential and industrial buildings to raise the temperature of water by using solar energy. These units are commonly mounted on the buildings to easily receive power from the sun. The offered range of water heating systems are provided with a series of pipes through which the liquid flows.BOSCH Water Heater are also provided with a discharging system to easily transfer the hot water to the flow channels. They are available in various different variants with a single or multiple solar panel installations according to the demand of customers.
SVM Water Heater are power efficient electrical systems that are designed to use renewable solar energy which is then converted into electrical for the functioning of boiler to raise the temperature of water stored within this closed system. These are equipped with a flat plate type solar collector to collect radiation energy coming from sun. SVM Water Heater requires very less maintenance due to its rugged and sturdy design that make them capable to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Buyers can get these energy efficient systems from our company at a reasonable price range with an assurance of fast delivery.

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